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What to Include in a Not Renewing Lease Letter

What to Include in a Not Renewing Lease Letter

Were you aware that Florida has the second-most number of evictions and foreclosure moves?

As a Fort Walton Beach landlord, it's always best to avoid evictions if possible. Deciding not to renew a lease can be a sensitive matter. It's crucial to handle this situation as delicately as possible.

Crafting a well-structured and considerate not renewing lease letter is the way to go. That way, you can preserve a positive and professional landlord-tenant relationship until the end. Keep reading to learn about the main aspects to include in a letter to tenants.

Clear and Concise Introduction

Begin the letter with a friendly yet matter-of-fact tone. Address the tenant by their full name and specify the investment property address.

Mention the date when the current one-year lease agreement will expire. Keep the language simple and direct. Doing so will ensure the tenant understands the letter's purpose from the get-go.

Statement of Non-Renewal

Explicitly state that you won't opt for a lease renewal. Use polite words and avoid ambiguous phrasing to prevent misunderstandings.

Emphasize that this decision doesn't reflect dissatisfaction with the tenant. Instead, it's a choice related to the property's management or investment strategy.

Reasoning Is Optional

While not necessary, providing a brief reason for not renewing a lease can help tenants understand the decision better. If the property is renovating or the owner plans to sell, mention it briefly.

However, don't give any personal or discriminatory reasons for not renewing a lease. Doing this can lead to a lawsuit.

Give Credit Where It's Due

Express gratitude for the tenant's cooperation during their stay in the property.

Acknowledge their punctual rent payments and any other positive contributions they've made as tenants. This gesture will reinforce a respectful and appreciative tone throughout the letter.

Move-Out Information

Don't mince words about the move-out process and timeline. Note the last date of the tenancy and the deadline for returning the keys to the rental property.

Include any specific cleaning or repair requirements they need to address before leaving. Explain how and where you'll refund the security deposit.

Contact Information

Feel free to leave a phone number and email address. Encourage the tenant to reach out if they have any questions or concerns about the non-renewal or the move-out process.

Being accessible and approachable will help make the process smoother.

Legal Language

Include a statement indicating that the letter serves as an official notice of non-renewal, as state and local laws require.

Ensure your letter complies with all relevant laws and regulations governing lease termination in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

You Can Write the Perfect Not Renewing Lease Letter

With these tips, writing a not renewing lease letter should be a walk in the park.

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