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About Us

The All American Realty Team

All American Realty and Investment Group is a full-service real estate brokerage and property management company servicing the Emerald Coast. We specialize in helping military personnel rent out and manage their home. As veterans ourselves, we understand the needs of our nation’s military service members and veterans and we strive to exceed your expectations. Our entire team is focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients, second to none. We have carefully assembled a team of professionals and trusted partners who provide you with the kind of high-level support you want – and deserve. We help our clients make sound financial decisions in the purchase or sale of a home, property management or real estate investment. We work with home buyers, sellers, investors, relocators and landlords with all levels of experience.

One thing that sets us apart from other property management companies on the Emerald Coast is that every client has direct access to the owner here at All American Realty. So, feel free to contact us any time to discuss how we can meet your needs. We will always strive to help you however we can and if it’s not a good fit, we will point you to the best source possible.

Picture of Anthony DeRosa Picture of Anthony DeRosa
Anthony DeRosa Broker/Owner VETERAN

Introducing Tony, the founder and owner of All American Realty & Investment Group, boasting an impressive 24 years of real estate expertise. A former IT specialist in the US Air Force, Tony has established himself as a familiar figure in the military communities of Eglin, Hurlburt, and 7th Group. Beyond the professional realm, he finds joy in playing pickleball and passionately supporting the New Orleans Saints. Known for his approachability, Tony is an owner always ready to engage with clients and provide the best service possible.

Picture of Jenny Thompson Picture of Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson Property Management

Hailing from the lively city of New Orleans, Jenny Thompson infuses the office with her vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Whether engaging in a lively game of pickleball with the team or relishing weekends in Destin, Jenny embodies a spirit of fun that brightens the workplace.

Picture of Lauren Carlson Picture of Lauren Carlson
Lauren Carlson Operations/Bookkeeping
Picture of Dominic Cipollone
Dominic Cipollone Maintenance

Meet Dom from Yonkers, NY – a dedicated workaholic who also enjoys the peacefulness of fishing. Before joining the All American Team, he owned a tow company in NY. When he’s not working, you'll catch Dom casting his lines in the bay.

Picture of Russell Carroll
Russell Carroll Community Association Management

Meet Russel, our charismatic Association Manager. Prior to All American, he spent 30 years navigating the twists and turns of the automotive industry. Russel loves car shows, jet skiing, and perfecting his swing for golf.

Picture of Tess Henry Picture of Tess Henry
Tess HenryProperty Management

Tess, our creative team member from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Tess adds a vibrant touch to all tasks, balancing professional prowess with a passion for art. Whether exploring local museums or creating masterpieces, Tess's creativity knows no bounds.

Picture of Derrick Mork Picture of Derrick Mork
Derrick Mork Sales Manager VETERAN

Meet Derrick Mork, a seasoned real estate professional from Mukwonago, WI, with a background as a crew chief for F-16s in the U.S. Air Force. Derrick brings military precision to his five years of real estate experience. In his downtime, Derrick explores the automotive scenes of the Emerald Coast.

Picture of Derrick Sumner Picture of Derrick Sumner
Derrick Sumner Sales Agent VETERAN

Derrick Sumner, from Pittsburg, KS, holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and military science. Joining the All American team in 2023, he previously served as an active-duty Army logistics officer and enjoys quality time with his wife Emily and two furry companions outside of work.

Picture of Michael Chapman Picture of Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman Sales Agent VETERAN

Say hello to Mike, a seasoned Air Force veteran with over 20 years of dedicated service. Armed with a bachelor's degree in psychology, Mike brings a unique blend of intellect and military experience to the team. When he's not working, catch him coaching or barbering!

Picture of Keydi Ordonez Giron Picture of Keydi Ordonez Giron
Keydi Ordonez Giron Sales Agent

Meet Keydi, a driven individual from Honduras with four successful years in real estate. Keydi is Bilingual, with Spanish being her first language and English her second. She's eager to collaborate with anyone who reaches out, making every interaction a positive and engaging experience.

Picture of Frank Walker Picture of Frank Walker
Frank Walker Sales Agent VETERAN

Meet Frank, the Nashville native and the friendliest person on the All American Team. With a background in the Air Force services, Frank brings a touch of discipline and adventure to the team. Outside the office, you can find him lifting heavy weights, or relaxing with a nice book.

Picture of Justin Pickering
Justin Pickering Sales Agent VETERAN

Meet Justin, a Texan from Lubbock with a background as a Green Beret in the 7th Special Forces Group, showcasing unmatched resilience. Outside of his military experience, Justin explores investing with a strategic mindset. His love for football extends beyond enjoyment, as he also shares his passion through coaching.

Picture of Jacqueline Crimmins
Jacqueline Crimmins Sales Agent VETERAN
Picture of Lauren Vanslee Picture of Lauren Vanslee
Lauren Vanslee Sales Agent
Picture of Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas Sales Agent VETERAN