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3 Tips for Choosing Tenant Placement Services in Fort Walton Beach, FL

3 Tips for Choosing Tenant Placement Services in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Are you struggling to find qualified, reliable renters? Perhaps your current renters are paying late, causing property damage, or upsetting the neighbors. Neglecting tenant placement could lead to problems in the future.

Instead of trying to screen tenants alone, look for reliable tenant placement services. The best Fort Walton Beach property managers can save you time and money. They'll screen prospective renters on your behalf.

Not sure which services to choose? Read on for the three tips you need for an effective search!

1. Look for Experience

Before searching for a tenant placement service, outline your standards and expectations. Picture your ideal renters. They likely have glowing referrals, a reliable job, and an impeccable credit score.

Write down your:

  • Minimum credit score cut-off
  • Standards about criminal records
  • Minimum income you'll allow

Determining these benchmarks upfront will ensure you find a company that understands your needs and expectations. Otherwise, they could select tenants that don't align with your standards.

Consider how long each property management company has offered tenant placement services. Look for a long-established business and team with years of experience. You can leverage their experience to make more informed decisions and avoid landlord stress.

2. Consider Their Services

Ask each company about their tenant placement service and what their reports include. About nine in 10 landlords sign up to receive tenant screening reports. These reports include criminal and eviction records.

Ask how often the information is updated. Under federal law, tenant screening companies can report seven years of arrest records. Make sure the information is recent and relevant.

Determine what technology the company uses to provide accurate reports. Do they double-check the data?

Ask how they'll standardize your data collection. They should collect the same set of data for every applicant. The company should confirm the information by calling employers, double-checking employment duration, and asking for pay stubs.

3. Read Client Reviews

Not every experienced property management company offers reliable services. As you review your options, look for client reviews. Client reviews will help you find a reputable company you can trust with your time and money.

Otherwise, you could choose a company that will provide inaccurate information. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received 26,700 complaints over three years. About 65% of these complaints were because tenant screening reports included inaccurate data.

Ask each company for three referrals. Speaking with their recent clients will help you determine if the company meets your expectations.

You can also find client reviews online. Look for glowing comments about the Fort Walton Beach property managers on your list. Finding a company other landlords have trusted in the past will help you make a confident choice.

Find the Best Tenant Placement Services

Don't choose the first tenant placement services you find online. Instead, use these three tips to vet your options. Find an experienced team that offers reliable tenant screening services you can depend on.

Need immediate help with tenant placement? All American Realty and Investment Group is focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients. Contact us today to request our tenant placement service.